Two Nameless Bodies Washed Up On the Beach – Wed 28th

The Ted talk Washed Up On the Beach is about two refugees that were found dead on the beach in wet suits. Living in a place that is considered “Hell on Earth,”both had tried to get to another country in hopes for a better life and job possibilities.  Because they could not afford to pay to be smuggled in, they both decided to swim instead.

Anders Fjellberg, a journalist, and a photographer, Tomm Christiansen, ventured to a beach in Norway where the bodies were found. Both the journalist and the photographer worked together to shed light on the subject because things like this go on everyday and people remain unaware.

Though at first, both bodies were nameless and unclaimed, quickly their identities were figured out. While showing pictures of the deceased and their families, it helped to strengthen and prove that indeed both were very much humane and had families that generally cared about their well being. Since many of us think our own lives are struggles, a photo of where they lived and their true struggle was shown as well. Each image was very powerful and impactful and put into context the severity of the events that happen everyday.

For my groups presentation, I think it is important to make sure that each topic and thing we are talking about goes along with whatever we are displaying. It helps to strengthen a presentation when both correspond with each other rather than to suggest people focus on one or the other.


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