When Starting From Zero….

Jay Rosen’s essay on new forms of journalism touches on some valid points. Though it is important to be good at a wide range of things, one should focus on bettering certain skills in order to market ones self in the fields they want to excel in.

Even though everything is not interesting to everyone, it is important to find ways to communicate and express ideas in a creative yet clear way. This is especially true when we are involved in working with others. When we do happen to find the subject more interesting, we usually are more passionate about it making the outcome of a project a lot better than when everyone feels distant from the topic.

When presenting information, it is important to know your topic in depth. Because we are usually presenting our findings, we are always subject to people’s opinions. If we all know what we are talking about and seem generally enthusiastic about our topics, a lot of the time the feedback will be more positive. Though there usually is a lot of information, the prime goal is always to focus in on the really important stuff. If one does not understand their topic themselves, how can one teach findings to other people?

Because most of us are social and visual learners, when working in groups, it is important to ask questions and learn from each other. In these projects and tasks, if we do not communicate and talk when we are stuck, things will not flow together causing members presenting to be on “different pages.”

Just like he states in the essay, to become better, you will start primarily doing things for free. Because school is our time to really try things out, learn and interact with our peers, this is our time to test methods of presentation and expression. Once we have found ones that really work for us, we will have time to strengthen them….


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