The Innocent Man

After reading the innocent man, i was captivated for many reasons.

I think the first reason was that, with the information on the case, yu could tell pieces were missing. This made it more interesting because the detective in myself, as well as i am sure is in others, made me want to solve the case.

I also think the timeline of events helped to strengthen the layout nd actual piece. You can sympathize with the husband because you realize that there is no way he actually did it. You also see how long he is in jail helping you feel bad for him.

Lastly, though it is unsettling, I think there is something mysterious and captivating about murder. Because the majority us could never commit it, when we do hear about it, i think we are more likely to read up on it to try and understand how people can be so sick.

Though it was a little bit lengthy, all of these, I believe helped strengthen the piece.


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