Wikipedia’s Effect on our generation

In the changing times, teenagers and young adults no longer have a want to result to original forms of information finding and seldom do they open a book first to find information. Not long ago however, before the prime of the Internet age, searches took a lot longer. One was forced to navigate through articles and things like Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Journals, or Thesauri and if the needed information was not in that text, they would have to move on to the next source. There also was the problem that many of those types of literature were not put out regularly so the information inside potentially was old, or non-existent.

Now, most people result to search engines like Google, or Yahoo to find their answers. Upon entering the given topic, usually Wikipedia is one of the first sites listed. Because of this digital age, a site like this is ingenious. Searches now take minutes and are widely accessible. When new information is found, it is normally updated almost immediately. Also, things that never made it into traditional media are more likely to be entered.

Editing is very much more easy as well. Users can simply log on to their profiles and edit pages and scripts. As a result, research and thoughts of others are more available. The site is also organized well. It is easily navigable and not only does it list the topic, it gives more background information about the surrounding research and issue.

Wikipedia has connected us and in a way has made our information more unique. If someone is researching about a topic that is foreign to him or her, it is far more likely that the answer or link for the topic has been written by someone who knew first hand about it. If they do not, it is more possible that someone who does has edited and corrected the given information.


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